Some Great Examples of Alternative Membership Sites and Tools

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When you think ‘membership site’, you probably think of a typical ‘content mill’ that provides privileged access to blog content for a set fee. This method can work well but ultimately, it’s only one way that you can make money from a recurring fee using a website or other digital content. Here are some more adventurous business model examples that you can take inspiration from.

Headspace (

Headspace can be used through the app or through the website and is simply a selection of guided meditations for people who are just getting into meditation. The tool manages to appeal to a broad audience by packaging meditation in a way that gives it a much broader appeal. The fun graphics, bright colors and crisp presentation all make this a more compelling and inviting prospect than many of the very ‘mystical’ appearing meditation apps and sites on the market.


AIDE is an app-only example of a subscription service. This is an app for Android that essentially gives you access to an ‘IDE’ for developing Android Apps. Normally this is something you do on PC, so being able to do it on the very Android device you’re developing for is an interesting prospect. What’s more, is that this AIDE also comes with a range of lessons that help beginners to learn how to develop for Android. Again, this offers very clear value by teaching new skills and providing new tools useful for professionals.

Loot Crate (

Loot Crate is another example of something a bit different from the obvious content mill membership site. This particular service is a subscription product that sends you ‘awesome gear monthly’. It’s aimed at comic fans and gamers and provides its customers with parcels filled with exclusive toys, games and collectibles. The idea is that it offers good value for money and a fun, monthly surprise for people who subscribe.

Feedly (

Feedly is a website-as-service, meaning that you pay for access to the tool that it provides. Feedly allows you to create a curated list of your favorite blogs and websites using their feeds and then read them on your phone or through the main website. The basic product is free but you pay a little extra in order to bulk it up.

Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum is an online forum for digital marketers. Again, basic membership is free but as you get more advanced you’ll end up paying a little more to post adverts and get more views for your posts.

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