The Biggest Mistake That Most Blog Owners Make

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What’s the biggest mistake that most new blog owners make? What is it that ensures that the majority of blogs won’t be successful? That they won’t grow to become the next Four Hour Blog or the next Smart Passive Income? There are plenty of answers of course but I think I have a good idea what the biggest culprit of all is.

And that is that they set out with the wrong intention. Specifically? They set out in order to become rich and/or give up their main job. Most people create a blog because they want to make a living.

This then means that they’ll work hard to begin with, before quickly becoming disheartened that it ‘isn’t working’. And it means they’ll make bad decisions in a bid to get rich quick or to trick people into laying down their cash. These are mistakes that ultimately lead to people losing faith in their brand and never returning to their site again (let alone buying from them!).
So what do you do instead?

Simple: set out to supplement rather than replace your income. Better yet, set out to create something you’re proud of and to build a following. If you set out with this intention, then it will change everything that you do and the way you approach each step.

Specifically, if you set out to supplement your income, then suddenly $30 a week is a bonus rather than something to be disappointed about. $30 a week is enough that you can go out for a nice meal every week and not feel guilty about it. And it means that that many people really appreciate what you’re doing and really want to read what you’re writing! It’s highly rewarding.

What’s more, is that you’ll find you make the right decisions instead of the wrong ones. With this approach, you’ll start asking what can make the best long term impact. What will people want to read? And this is a much healthier way to approach your blogging if you want to gradually grow an audience you can eventually monetize.

What you can then do is to gradually move from writing a blog as a hobby/way to make some money on the side and move toward writing a blog as a full time job. The more it makes, the more time you can dedicate to it. This way, you literally can’t fail!

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