Top Ways to Promote a Subscription Site in the Real World

Membership Authority

If you run a subscription site, then you need to build as many followers as possible. And just because your site is digital, that doesn’t mean you can only rely on digital marketing! This little selection of alternative marketing options demonstrates just that and shows how you can make a splash in the real world too!


One great strategy for getting work out about your website is to get articles written about you in magazines. This is a brilliant method of exposure as you’ll get the article written completely for free and as many websites have circulations counting into the tens of thousands.

All you need to do is to do something with your website that will be newsworthy or interesting to the readers of a particular magazine. For instance, running a competition or giving something away for free can often be effective, as can doing things with charities.

And if you can’t get a story written about your site for free then you should consider using advertising – it’s often not too expensive this way to get an ad at the back of a magazine which can be seen by a lot of people.

Printed Clothes

Using printed clothing is a great way to increase your brand awareness (because that’s what a website is – a brand). In other words, if you have a t-shirt that has your site’s logo and name on it, then this will be a great way to get people interested in what your site’s about and to trigger conversations regarding what you do. At the same time, you can sell printed clothing and other corporate gifts from your website or give them away free and this way you can make people feel more loyalty toward your site while at the same time getting them to essentially sponsor you for free.

Corporate gifts work especially well for membership sits. Why? Because your aim is to create a movement that people can feel like they’re a part of. When they wear your t-shirt, they will!


Don’t assume that television or radio advertising doesn’t have any benefit to you – there are many examples of sites and online services that have managed to become hugely successful thanks largely to their television advertising campaigns. If you can think of something that will be catchy and creative and if you can find a good deal that will be targeted toward your correct audience (a local radio station for a local business for instance) then this can be a very good way to get yourself out there that people will take notice of.

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