Why Choosing Your Niche is the Most Important Part of Marketing

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How is choosing your niche related to marketing? Actually, everything is related to marketing. If you have a good idea, then you need to think about marketing before you go ahead and start creating it. There’s a very big difference between a good product and a good product with a paying audience.

In other words, the single biggest determining factor that will impact on how well you can market your product, is the niche that you choose in the first place. Choose the right niche and you should be able to find a small and targeted audience of people specifically interested in what you’re offering. Choose the wrong niche though and you’ll struggle to stand out among the crowd, or to find enough people to buy your product.

Everyone knows that the best niches are ones that people are willing to pay for and this is why dating, making money online and fitness are so popular. They’re also popular because these are universal concerns. There are very few people on the web not interested in money, sex or their own health. So this gives you the biggest market.

But it also invites the most competition and means there isn’t a clear ‘route to market’ where you can reach your audience directly without competition from other people.

Let’s imagine you are creating a website about sewing. This means you can find another website about sewing, or a forum, and then post a link to a blog post or your sales page there. Likewise, you could post an advert in Sewing World Magazine and that would also give you direct access to all the people who read that magazine. As one of the few membership sites about sewing, people will be interested to check it out and hopefully you might get some new subscribers (to run with this idea, your site could easily provide sewing patterns). But if you’re going for a much bigger niche like bodybuilding, then you’ll struggle to find any source like this that isn’t already swamped with competing sites – and some of those sites will have a lot more money for marketing and for creating a compelling product. In other words, it’s far easier to market yourself when you have a more targeted niche.

One solution? Find a small niche within a larger category. That means, for example, picking ‘fitness for the over 50s’ or perhaps ‘making money online for students’. Then find the routes to market and promote yourself!

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